Thursday, August 02, 2007

WOT, no War On Terror?

Gordon Brown's avoidance of the phrase "War on Terror" confirms that the term will no longer be used by UK government officials. It's seen as a change in direction where terrorism is redefined as a purely criminal action, stripping any context which might prompt examination of motives.

With an election looming Brown will want to avoid any terms linking himself with Tony Blair's handling of terrorism, so changing the landscape of the language used is a key tool.

This is a common marketing technique - rebranding. It's a bit like changing the name of the Marathon bar to Snickers. The product hasn't changed, just the name.

But the ghouls of extremism are still there, and Brown is going to stoke the fear of them to keep the rest of us terrified. Despite the change in arse keeping the PM seat warm, our government continues to invoke 'terrorism' and 'security' in order to control.

Move over Poodle, here's Scottie.

Conjuring the spectre of 'rogue states', the government's announcement that it is going to allow the USA, without any debate in Parliament, to use the listening station at Menwith Hill for it's nuke treaty-busting 'missile defence system' indicates that Brown views democracy with the same contempt as Blair. It also shows that Brown, like Blair, puts Bush's interests before that of Parliament. In a world teetering on the edge of a new cold war, Brown happily helps Bush to tip us into a new arms race.

Corporations are getting in on the 'security' act to quell protest, as is seen in BAA's attempt to stop climate protesters enjoying their liberty to demonstrate peacefully.

Like the Marathon rebranding, the War On Terror market repositioning exercise is being used by Brown and his chums to continue to sell us something that is as sticky and nutty - the erosion of our freedom and democracy.


David Potts said...


I really do not understand your position on this.

Indiscriminate terrorist attacks are the greatest threat to libererty being faced by the World and yet you dismiss it as being used merely for political advantage.What on Earth is your agenda here?

May I suggest you start considering the victims of terrorism rather than its perpertrators.

rossinisbird said...

Councillor Potts, for a close approximation of my position I guess you've heard of Ben Franklin's famous quote:

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Let me get your position right. You're happy with this government's constant erosion of our freedoms, and New Labour's contempt of Parliament?

It was my belief that the Tories valued freedom, liberty and democracy. I guess on that point I'm wrong.

Your final sentence is typical lazy dumb ass right-wing polemic. It's the kind of nonsense I would expect from Free Republic. May I suggest you really need to raise your game.

David Potts said...

Calm down, tiger. I've obviously struck a nerve.

I know 9/11 was a few years ago now, but you've obviously forgotten about it. I haven't.

Next time give me an argument, not spin, conjecture and biased liberal crap and perhaps I'll grace you with a response.

In the interim why don't you consider temporarilyshifting from your constrained mental box and check out "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News tonight at 0100 GMT?

Maybe it will broaden your mind.

Here's hoping!

rossinisbird said...

I take it by your ad hominem responses that you can't answer the points made. Oh well, like I said, you should raise your game...

David Potts said...

Answer what? You are just ranting.

I'm sure you are determined to have the final say, so fire away! I'm not going to waste time responding to nonsense.

It's a shame actually, because some of your posts are quite thoughtful and well written.

rossinisbird said...

A true politician's response! You'll go far.