Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Move along, no free speech here

Obviously our government has learned from Beijing on how to use oppressive policies to keep an olympic event running smoothly and free from inconvenient things like free speech. Well, bill posters at least. Obviously not happy with giving the police all the fun, it looks like private boot boys can join in on the action too.

Apparently it's not to protect us from terrorists, it's to protect the likes of Budweiser and Coca Cola from other advertisers from muscling in on their olympic advert territory. So police, council workers and traffic wardens can smash in doors to seize any material deemed by those in power to be offensive to official olympic advertisers. It's a true UK Plc law.

Who said that this Labour government were the bitches of big business?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wind loss

Despite enjoying the most bountiful wind resources in Europe, as a nation the UK is really poor at wind power. If this facility is allowed to fail, whilst our money is being pumped into a motor industry to fund business as usual, we'll see how green this government really wants to be.

Save Vestas

Cops stop chop hop

I really make an effort to see the good side in policing, then shit like this happens.

It's bad enough that they fucked up big time in going into mega overkill mode to stop some poor guy's birthday barbecue bash, but then they defended their blitzkrieg by describing it as an appropriate response. Lucky there were no Brazilian electricians about.

Bobble topped fuckwits.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Suffer little children

Sts Peter & Paul
St Aloysius
St Bedes
St Gregorys
St James
St Joseph's
St Mary's
St Matthews
St Oswalds
St Wilfrids

These are all schools in South Tyneside. These schools have a relationship with a corrupt foreign regime that meddles in the politics of states around the world. A regime with blood on it's hands. A regime that covers up child abuse in it's ranks.

Whilst we worry over the kids being sent off to Islamic madrassas in the Middle East and Pakistan, here at home we have schools aligned with a religion for which hate is hidden behind words like love and forgiveness and comforting phrases like 'gospel values'.

Hyberbolic? Perhaps. But this story of a 9 year-old Brazilian girl who became pregnant after being raped by her stepfather, and the response of the Roman Catholic Church is a sickening indictment of a religious authority which puts it's warped bronze age morality before humanity.

Punishing the people who saved this little girl's life with excommunication is pretty cold and heartless. To most of us, being excommunicated is no big deal. But if you believe in such shit, it's serious juju. Eternal torture in the fiery bowels of hell. How's that for a loving, forgiving deity?

The Roman Catholic Church defended it's inhumane decision as a 'doctrine of faith'. Well that's alright then.

Apart from allowing their children to be subject to the indoctrination of a hateful ideology, I wonder how many parents who send their children to these Roman Catholic schools know of this example of what the church which they trust to guide their childrens' religious schooling really thinks about children.

How many would really care?

How do they feel that a policy made by old men in dresses comes before the care of a child?

Word to The Well-Timed Period.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flight Club

The First rule of Flight Club is: Aviation doesn't pull it's weight in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Second rule of Flight Club is: Aviation doesn't pull it's weight in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions.

Those are the rules according to the Miliband brothers.

Mili the Younger
Where I disagree with other people on aviation is if you did 80% cuts across the board, as some people have called for on aviation, you would go back to 1974 levels of flying. I don't want to have a situation where only rich people can afford to fly.
Mili the Elder
if we're going to fly more we've got to do much less of something else. Because what counts in the end is not whether emissions come from cars or homes or aeroplanes - what counts is that our carbon emissions are reduced.
So, what sector do the bros want to cut so folk can fly to Prague for a piss up and a shag? Health? Keeping houses warm?

Apparently, according to these guys flying is some kind of grand egalatarian right and deserves the state's protection. Most flights are populated by the well off or used to fly in kumquats (they are a fruit BNP readers), whilst being subsidised by everyone else through aviation's fuel tax breaks, money export and job losses abroad, not to mention the unaccounted externalities of climate change.

Protecting aviation is not about saving flights for the poor, it's about lining in the pockets of people like Willie Walsh and Michael O'Leary, whilst the poor around the world will be the first and worst hit by the unstable climate ushered in by short sighted policies like the ones the Milibands support.

9 out of 10 cats

...think their owners are morons.

I've got to admit that I tend to agree. This might cause outrage amongst fans of the feline form, but I've long held a theory that cat owners who swooningly claim their pet moggies are intelligent are actually conceding that their cats are more intelligent than they are. Whenever I voice my 'stupid human cat owners theory', I have faced either an almost holy righteous indignance or a deadly silence.

Now science has come to back my theory/prejudice, in the form of research carried out at the University of Sussex. The boffins have discovered that pussies use purr power to press their owners' buttons.

The evidence is in. These folk should drop their fascination with the manipulative bird murdering vermin.

And get a dog.

Dumber than a sack of hammers

That's Sarah Palin. Don't believe me? Read it here.

She clearly doesn't have a clue about supply-side economics.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thought for the Day

I appreciate secular values, but I'm not sure about this one. I listen to Thought for the Day most mornings during the Today Programme, but I find it largely irrelevant and out of place in a news programme, despite it sometimes providing some early morning amusement at some of the eccentricities being espoused as considered religious thought.

There's an argument that if a publicly funded body is giving exposure to religiously influenced opinions, then it should also fairly give space not just to all religions, but to non religious positions too.

I think the best approach for a supposedly objective news service is not to promote any particular political or ideological viewpoint at all.

However, that's not going to happen anytime soon, so I think I'd rather that TFTD, whether including secular and humanist viewpoints or not, should be scheduled just before or just after the Today Programme, out of the way of the serious business of news.

Power politics

Given that Ed Miliband has been whoring himself to the CBI's energy wishlist over the weekend, should we pretend surprise when the government's new white paper comes out giving the CBI exactly what it demanded?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scoundrel days

Reading Gordon Brown's sickening twaddle about Afghanistan today I was reminded of Samuel Johnson's famous quote:
Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.
Brown's statement had me filling with rage that he had the shameless gall to say it:
This is a patriotic duty. Of course people want to know if the action we are taking is the right action. It comes back to terrorism on the streets of Britain. If we were to allow the Taliban to be back in power in Afghanistan and al-Qaeda then to have the freedom of manoeuvre it had before 2001, then we would be less safe as a country.

There is a line of terror - what you might call a chain of terror - that links what's happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan to the streets of Britain.

A patriotic duty. Isn't that what desperate politicians demand of others?

That 'line of terror' hasn't been followed to it's source. It's not Afghanistan or Pakistan; they are just recruiting and training proxies for a much bigger and influential player.

There's a memorable line in the movie All the President's Men: follow the money. The line of terror money can be followed to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis supplied the money and the hardline Wahabi fundamentalism through sham Islamic charities to replace the indigenous Islam in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This has spread to some of Britain's mosques and helped breed the so called 'homegrown' Islamic terrorists. The July 7th bombers may have been British, but their radicalisation was born in Saudi Arabia.

But the Saudis are untouchable. Tony Blair stepping in to stop an investigation into bribery in the Al Yamamah deal, and Saudi billionaires using our anti free speech libel laws to shut down criticism - all examples of a culture of protection anyone for importance within the Saudi power structure. With Al Yamamah, we are unlikely to know where that slush money went.

We are in grip with Saudi Arabia - they supply oil, we supply weapons. Saudi buys US currency to keep it's value, the USA uses it's military might against anyone who might threaten OPEC's fragile status quo.

Gordon Brown conjures up patriotism to justify British deaths on foreign soil, fighting a proxy war against a proxy enemy. If Brown wants to be really patriotic and not the scumbag scoundrel we know he is, he should be cutting the mutually parasitic relationship we have with Saudi Arabia.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Electoral frauds

I've been following Craig Murray's election campaign in the Norwich North by-election and it has become a catalogue of attempts by various public bodies to silence him. The BBC has ignored him, the Post Office has dragged it's feet over delivering his election media (a dvd - that's a first I think) and local schools have tried to deny him a platform on the hustings.

If you didn't know, Craig Murray is a former British ambassador, and has been calling the government out over it's record on colluding with tyranical regimes abroad to torture people on behalf of the British Government, and has made some people in parliament (including our local MP David Miliband) very uncomfortable with the evidence he has collected.

The BBC's claim to be detached and objective is rendered laughable. Why are these bodies attempting to corrupt the democratice process?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Another day...

...another police whitewash. How long are the authorities who are supposed to keep the police in check going to ignore that the G20 policing was no accident but a premeditated tactical action?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The ignorance of religion

...and the religious. Christian leader and bigoted pinhead Dr Michael Nazir-Ali reminds us what the religion of love is all about; stone age proclamations on sexuality.

National Express

Friday, July 03, 2009

Science not admissable in court

Facts are refused to be given in evidence and justice comes second to law. If any evidence was needed that the juduciary has become beholden to the string pullers of the status quo, it was in the case of the trial of the 'Drax 29 ' climate change protestors.

Like 'Justice' Eady's creative re-definition of the word 'bogus' to stack the deck in the bogus libel case against Simon Singh, 'Justice' Spencer similarly fixed the outcome of the case against the Drax train protestors by rejecting evidence about global warming as 'irrelevant', a key part of the defence. Spencer didn't make a legal ruling, he made a political decision, on behalf of a corrupt and dishonest government in thrall to a greedy power generator.

The filth beat 'em up, the beaks lock 'em up.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cameron's new gay love

So Dave reckons he's sorry for being a complete shit over Section 28? He has just taken his party into a European grouping which loves gays like Nottinghamshire police loves dogs.

I don't believe Cameron, why does Stonewall?

Crunching the credit

One of the key ways that could be used to combat the insiduous effects of credit which the government could use to make life a little easier for people at the sharp end of the current economic crisis is very simple: introduce capped rates.

But as this report shows, the government considered it then quickly discarded it, citing false and unjustified concerns about people being forced to rely on unregulated loansharks. What a joke. What the white shirts in government don't get is that the legal and regulated doorstep and payday lenders are loansharks, some charging interest to the tune of thousands of percent, while proudly waving their consumer credit licenses.

The decision to simply ignore capping, especially without referring to countries where capping has proved to be successful in limiting the excesses of some lenders, is a decision that favours only the scum like the pawn shops and high rate check cashers, the gold scrapers and doorstep voucher men, pond life who profit out those at the bottom end of the income scale.

But capping won't work on it's own. So many people need to be helped out of the clutches of the blood suckers on the fringe finance industry. This is a time when the government needs to show some serious support for finance organisations like credit unions, who in some places are the only experts in finance in disadvantaged communities. Credit unions' provision for lending to small social enterprises and local businesses, a bedrock of the economy, could be expanded to encourage more local entrepreneurs onto a self reliant route to a sustainable economic success.

South Tyneside Credit Union

Murdering bastards 2

Motherfuckers. No one has been suspended?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Murdering bastards

You may not think it, but I'm a big softy when it comes to dogs. We've always had them in our family, and the only reason we don't have a one in our family at the minute is because the emotional wrench which hit after we lost our last dog, a cutie black Labrador called Ebony, is still painfully fresh.

This softness is matched by an absolutely uncompromising attitude to people who don't take their responsibilities as dog owners seriously. That's why I think the retarded dumb fucks who leave their dogs in their cars in hot weather should be publicly horsewhipped and never ever permitted to own a pet again.

There is no fucking excuse.

Bill Wilson Memorial Shield: Primary School Olympics

A worthy event to honour Bill Wilson's name - a man who gave so much to school athletics.