Saturday, June 28, 2008

Breaking voice

After trying to crush free speech and losing, religious fundamentalist blowhard Stephen Green has announced that he doesn't have the money to put where his mouth is and is threatening to declare himself bankrupt to avoid paying the £90,000 costs awarded to Mark Thompson and Jonathan Thoday during the frivolous 'Jerry Springer - The Opera' legal action.

Graciously asking for the costs to be dropped, Green said:

"For these rich, powerful men to pursue me into the bankruptcy courts over money I don't have would be vindictive."

Bless his magnanimous humbleness.

Green and Christian Voice have also put their faith in an online petition to try and gain support for their cause. Apart from the hilarity of some of the petition comments, the carbon copy nature of a number of them suggests some petition padding.

So far he's collected 451 online signatures. By my reckoning if these deeply religious folk really back Green, they could chip in £200 each, save their souls and Green from martyrdom.


Martin said...

Thanks for the link :) I love that you have a "bigoted creep" tag, lol.

One thing I didn't mention much in my post, that I find particularly annoying, is that he's framing this as the "greedy money man" trying to take his money, when in fact since the BBC is paid for by the public via the license fee, it's actually *our* money he's trying to siphon off for his frivolous little court case. God I despise him.

Martin said...

Sorry, to be clear, I'm from LayScience, not whatever crap the blogger profile links too :)