Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The blackshirt list

Curly beat me to it, but it looks like a disgruntled BNP stormtrooper has finally released the BNP's membership list to the world. Hosted on a server in the USA, the BNP's attempt to stifle the release through the courts seems in vain, unless the site owner considers the posting inappropriate. Anyhow, the information is now out there.

Although I don't have a copy of the list (having a copy may be considered to breach the injunction and several criminal laws), I've had a quick look through it online and it looks like a few people will be embarrassed and at least one may lose her job. Hilariously, one of those listed is a lecturer on Human Rights/Data Protection. Locally, my suspicions about the affiliations of a number of letter writers to the Shields Gazette have been confirmed.

Given the number of people on the list who registered themselves as pagans druids and cosmic folk line dancers (okay, I made that one up) it seems that odd belief structures coexist happily in the brains of these folk.

There is an irony in this. The BNP uses hate site Redwatch to publish the names, addresses and photos of its opponents in an effort to intimidate. Now many BNP members are pooping themselves that they've been outed.

Not irony, karma. I'm sure the BNP's new-age, tree-hugging members will appreciate the beauty of the cosmic balance.


Bryan said...

Click on my site then click on the photo of BNP founder John Tyndall.

Kat said...

Whats your site?

Bryan said...


curly15 said...

Any idea how much traffic your post has generated today?

It must be a handsome amount!

Thanks for the link btw.

rossinisbird said...

Curly, I don't take any note of visits I'm afraid and I don't log ip addresses of commenters. I don't expect there's much traffic here.

curly15 said...

I think you would be very surprised at the amount of page reads you have had for this single post.

Michael said...

I've just had a look at the list myself. 19 members in Jarrow? Hmmm, interesting.