Monday, December 15, 2008

Massaging the pain

And the figures. As part of their stormtrooper fest at the Kingsnorth power station demonstration, the police manipulated a pliant media to paint a picture of participants hell bent on violence and terrorism.

Lib Dem MP David Taylor unearthed a list of horrific injuries police received during the event, which tells a chilling story of ruthless hippy demonstrators and of real courage under fire by our brave boys in blue:

"stung on finger by possible wasp"

"officer injured sitting in car"

"officer succumbed to sun and heat"

"pain in lower back"


Absolute carnage.

The horror, the horror.


punkscience said...

It was an ecoterrorist wasp, though! How dare you belittle our noble boys in blue!

Michael said...

"Officer succumbed to sun and heat"

That wouldn't be a global warming related illness now, would it? ;)