Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gordon Brown Is a Murderous Two Faced Cunt

That's right. Freedom of speech meister Craig Murray has the measure of Gordon Brown.

Whilst the UK weapons industry is doing very well thank you supplying Israel in it's Palestinian school blasting campaign, PM Gordon Brown's diplomats on the UN Security Council help the US attempts to block hopes for a ceasefire.

Hat tip to punkscience.


punkscience said...

Thanks for the support dude, I reckon I was a bit ambitious with the googlebombing idea. I think it only works on listings that don't have massive public web systems linking back to themselves. But I still love the idea of every search for Brown's name bringing up that wonderfully cutting line. Never mind, maybe one day.


rossinisbird said...

Craig's was the top blog in google today for the search for 'Gordon Brown'... not bad at all.

Jimmie Jones said...

Read the latest editorial edition of Private Eye to see how the UK has supplied the Israelis with arms etc to attack Palestine.

We are nothing but supporters of a fascist nation!