Thursday, February 12, 2009

DUP creationist cretin

Well, I suppose finding douchebags and dumbasses in the DUP is like shooting fish in a barrel. First there was mad Iris Robinson and her Christian 'cure' for homosexuality, and earlier this week we had numbnuts Sammy Wilson (an environment minister no less) joining the climate change denial cult.

The ignorant anti science muffins have now got another contender for the Dumbest DUP Dickwad award. Mervyn Storey chose Darwin's 200th birthday to make a holy scene. He wants creation myths given a platform alongside evolution at Belfast's Ulster Museum. And if it doesn't happen, he's going to sick the law onto them.

There's a host of things that make creationists look stupid, but this is classic theodiocy. Instead of bothering with the earthly courts he should go straight to the big guy; pray for his god to smite, send thunderbolts or a nasty rash to see those pesky scientists and their facts off. Yes. Pray to your god. That's bound to work.


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