Friday, February 08, 2008

Rowan Williams - religious loon

Punkscience beat me to it. Rowan Williams is an idiot. Sharia law has no place in a rational society.

If people want to follow a set of philosophical rules that's fine, as long as they don't force those rules on anyone, or demand that those rules require respect, recognition and protection, and the application of those rules doesn't hurt anyone.

The problem with religion based systems like Sharia is that those living in religious communities will be pressured to adhere to the laws and accept 'legal' decisions, even when there is no rational reason to do so other than community peer pressure and diktat from religious authority.

Laws based on the interpretation of ancient myth and rely on the authority of religious zealots have no place in the 21st Century. Considering the influence of Wahabi Imams in British Islamic society - an extreme and fundamentalist view of Islam which has gone a significant way in the radicalisation of modern Muslim doctrine - putting laws into the hands of these medieval nutters is dangerous and divisive.

We should be reducing the influence of religion, not increasing it.


punkscience said...

Nice work. I didn't even attempt to assail the stupidity of giving legitimacy to such mediaeval bollocks. Rowan is going to get a hob-nailed boot up the arse for this one and no mistake.

The scary thing is that this idiot has a platform from which to dissemble such rot. Imagine if the repression that Muslim women feel walking the streets of Britain were legitimised- you'd have morality police on the streets of East London and Bradford, you'd have Mosqueas selling regulation sticks with which husbands would be entitled to beat their wives.

The reason the West has certain philosophical standards is because we have learnt from experience that such barbarism excessively harms certain sections of society to the detriment of the whole. This is about the most egalitarian system for all people, not the exceptional promotion of the welfare of one minority over and above that of any other.


rossinisbird said...

Morality police like the Mutaween?

punkscience said...

Yeah. Those are the bastards. The islamic inquisition.