Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tremors on Tyneside

Bloody hell! Just before 1.05am I was woken by the house shaking. Not a short burst like a strong gust of wind or what you sometimes feel when they used to blast at Marsden Quarry. A consistent shaking lasting for about 10-15 seconds - long and strong enough to wake me. The radiators rattled on the walls and when I stood up the whole movement was quite disorienting. I can imagine the terror a full blown earthquake must instil.

Now Sky News are reporting tremors felt across central and southern England - Bedfordshire, Norfolk and Leicestershire.

They can add Tyneside to that too.


PETER SHAW said...

Could it have been George Elsom talking?

Bryan said...

I was living in Wales back in 1984 when we had the last ‘big one’. I didn’t notice that one either!

Curly said...

Does living in a hundred odd year old property make a difference?

Most people who I have talked to, who experienced the quake, live in more modern properties than I.

Ancient and rock solid it is, and I didn't feel a thing. I feel like I've missed out on something.

rossinisbird said...

Curly, my home is over a hundred years old so I'm not sure. It was an experience, though.

I know what you mean about missing out on something. I feel the same about those 'magic eye' pictures...