Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aiming high

Ah, the art of spin. A super new school is ahead of schedule - despite the fact that the old school is still standing and the local residents who will be impacted by the works haven't been informed of the changed timetable.

But more worryingly, why will the new school have a frickin hair salon? Is this some new policy where students will be encouraged to keep their career expectations low? Will the economy need hairdressers and beauticians?

And I thought Mortimer's enforced dance curriculum was bloody stupid.

As long as our kids can do a jig and do their highlights then the future must be bright. I suppose we should all thank Labour and South Tyneside Council for the next generation of X Factor hopefuls.


Michael said...

Funny they don't mention how the redevelopment is going at South Tyneside College, isn't it?


Bryan said...

Look on the bright side. At least those kids will be able to express their disgust at the shite state of the environment and economy through the medium of dance. God forbid, we wouldn’t want them getting any ideas in their heads about the French revolution or anything radical like that.