Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet smell of ermine

Roy Sydney George Hattersley, aka Baron Hattersley of Sparkbrook, has had a go at the hereditary monarchy, in particular Prince Charles, for committing the cardinal sin of criticising one of (Lord) Richard Rogers' proposed works.

There's a sweet irony when folk like Hattersly and Rogers complain about the very establishment that has ratified their titles.

If Hattersley and Rogers have such a problem with the interference of priviledge and patronage, perhaps they should abandon their seats in the Lords?

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thomasbyrne said...

I think it's funny people have been saying this is a constiutional crisis? Uh, no it's not, the heir has no constitutional restraits or power, he's a man expressing an opinion.

It's not as if Charles went directly to the press to take advantage of his heritage either.