Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fascist appeasement

There was a post a while back on The Northern Herald blog, where the blogger discussed South Tyneside BNP posting their lie rag in the Primrose ward. The blogger quite rightly asks - what are the local councillors saying about it? And the answer is - nothing.

A poster called Billy Boy (who also seems to be web stalking Peter Shaw) said "Don't you think that by posting about them, you give thm [sic] more publicity than they deserve?" This argument is like saying 'ignore the BNP and they'll go away'.

Well this brand of appeasement obviously hasn't and doesn't work. They don't go away. The BNP are targeting South Tyneside and are evidently buoyed by the last local election results at Primrose.

If local councillors don't publicly challenge these freaks then the BNP could get even more publicity - by winning a seat.


Michael said...

I got one of those leaflets a couple of months ago - fortunately for the cretin who delivered it, I was out back when it was pushed through the letterbox.

Ignoring the issue just makes it worse - this kind of filth only exists where there is ignorance and fear.

PETER SHAW said...

And as time rolls on, they have still said nothing! Neither have other local blogs, except yours and mine. All credit to us I think……..