Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sick racist filth

...or why you can't roll over and ignore the BNP.

Over on the Lancaster UAF (Unite Against Fascism) blog I read this post. It discusses a thread on a web forum called 'Stormfront'. Essentially Stormfront is a discussion board for white supremecists to get their racist rocks off with each other. It's frequented by many BNP members, including goose-steppers from South Tyneside BNP.

Essentially, the scumfront thread was hung on a story of a Luxembourg woman who had immolated herself, allegedly in protest at receiving what she saw as racist treatment at the hands of government. The woman in question was not white, and later died from her injuries. Whatever the circumstances surrounding her death, it was undeniably tragic.

The scumfront posts in response to the story were disgustingly racist and revelled in the woman's death.

The Lancaster UAF blog repeated several of the posts from the scumfront thread, including a post from someone with the nickname "caer urfa". As anyone from South Shields will know, Caer Urfa was an ancient name given to the settlement that eventually became South Shields. This is caer urfa's comment:

"I think that sort of protest should be encouraged" [followed by a “big grin” emoticon]

This creep, obviously delighted with the grisly death of a non-white person, is without a grain of humanity. caer urfa is apparently from South Shields and linked with South Tyneside BNP. Presumably this is how your average South Tyneside BNP member thinks and it illustrates that there's nothing moderate about these fanatics, and that they still think in the same terms as their Nazi forebears.

It sickens me to think that people vote for these scumbags.


heydrich said...

I agree with you Rossinibird, there are a few people in this town
who actually support these morons.

Anonymous said...

Sick racist filth, hmm I think not. One day when one of your beloved multi cultural scumbags robs you blind and leaves you in a pool of your own blood you will see that we are right.

rossinisbird said...

Tooper, perhaps thinking isn't your strong point. Unusual choice of nic too my old friend, as Urban Dictionary defines a tooper as:

"One who constantly sucks dick. Constantly trying to suck dick and constantly on it."

Not inappropriate given your comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear looking up made up words on Urban Dictionary. I love how it's used in this made up ghetto speak.

Sharelf: You know you madd ugly, that chick aint want you.
Jason: Nigga, shut up. You a tooper. Hop off!
Sharelf: I still got ya gurl, so HA.
Jason: Nigga, the only gurl you eva had was ya momz.

Haha what a muppet you are.

rossinisbird said...

You've obviously not realised that you're making yourself look like a total plank - and you come back with more. You just keep on giving. Thanks for confirming that the BNP is indeed the home of moronic knuckle-dragging filth.