Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nuclearsaurus rex

If there was any evidence that Sir David King is fast losing his credibility as a scientist and becoming a corporate whore, it's his assertion that greens are "keen to take us back to the 18th or even the 17th century". This is the kind of bollocks you would expect from loony right wingers.

His new book "The Hot Topic" seems to be aimed at the market that is warm to Bjorn Lomborg's pseudo denial philosophy, one in which the solutions are purely a matter of technology, and ignores the kind of societal changes that are needed.

King is a dinosaur, where his rosy 1950s vision of technology and consumption being the only recourse to tackle climate change.

But don't take it from me. PunkScience puts it much more succinctly.


punkscience said...

"Nuclearsaurus"- HA!

Nice one.

Cheers for the link- I got a little concerned that it was lacking substance when I realised that other people were actually gonna take the time to read this stuff so I expanded a little.

Keep up your good work my man.

Bryan said...

I agree. Although I prefer the punkscience description of Sir David.

Roger Thomas said...

Sir David made his world wide reputation with the risk assessment that climate change was a greater threat than terrorism.

Unfortunately he has never revealed, as per scientific etiquette and methodology he wasn't the original author. I was.

it was a submission to a United Nations Environment and Development UK report commissioned by the UK Government in 2002, 13 months before he published.

I beleive Sir David is part of the UNED as it is the UK version of the UNEP.

This is the original assessment now taken off the DEFRA site. As you might see it was against the war on Iraq and before the invasion. Sir David published after the invasion when I assume it was politically OK.

Roger Thomas said...

The link didn't appear to postin full

rossinisbird said...

Here's the full link to Roger's blog and his original work. It makes interesting reading, and I find it quite shocking that King failed to cite Roger's work. That's what scientist's do isn't it?

Roger Thomas said...

Thanks for that. King's attitude might be understandable if you consider he made his reputation from it. TV and media appearances, paid public speaking, lecture tours, book deals, celebrity status etc. the last thing he would do is admit it was someone elses work.

Then there was also the option they wanted to suppress the rest of my work.

Paul Flynn MP has written some comments on his blog and our exchange gives a bit more background.

I am going to try and run 3 blogs Celtic Lion Ltd for day to day brief updates and the setting up of a global environmental management centre in Scotland. Applied Planetary Engineering for more indepth technical assessment. Plus a weblog for some of my back catalogue and other musings plus longer overspill.

My thanks again!