Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You've been framed

A couple of weeks ago Curly commented on the lamentable attitude of some police officers towards photography in public places. I was reminded of a blog entry on prisonlawinsideout, which I've dug out here. These numbskulls in the video below were poised to arrest someone for a law that doesn't exist. Well, not yet anyway.

Whilst many suspect that our police are developing an "arrest first, decide what for later" philosophy, this video suggests that it's closer to "arrest, who cares what for".


jailhouselawyer said...

Recently I was arrested for assault and being in charge of a dog allowed to cause injury, subjected to the rigid handcuffs and thrown into the back of a police van even though I offered no resistance. At the charge stage the assault was reduced to threatening behaviour. In court that charge was dropped altogether, only the dog charge remains. I asked the police why they were so heavy handed with me, and they replied because we have the power. However, power to use is not power to abuse.

Curly said...

Made to look like a couple of real idiots!