Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ryanair. Immoral bastards.

Congratulations to cheapo airline Ryanair. Not only do they cheapen airline tickets they cheapen society with their sordid view of the world.

They're not afraid of controversy and their 'Back to School Fares' advertising campaign is one in a line of intentionally offensive adverts aimed at gaining media inches, using the theory that there's no such thing as bad publicity. But lets be fair to them, the advert fits their target market profile of male readers looking for cheap flights to seedy sex tourism hotspots.

Now it has positioned itself as:

Ryanair - the 'Carry On' airline and the carrier of choice for perverts!

Also, with the refusal to respect the decision of the Advertising Standards Authority's ruling over their 'schoolgirl' ads, Ryanair has helpfully highlighted how powerless and pointless the voluntary code system is, and that industry simply cannot regulate itself or be expected to be socially responsible.

Since they are so vehemently anti censorship, I'm sure that Ryanair will respect my opinion that they are greedy immoral fuckwits who cynically encourage fantasies of child sex to sell plane tickets.

Seriously fucking creepy.

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