Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cash action

An article appeared in today's Gazette about a new group calling itself the South Tyneside Democracy Forum.

Who are they?

An important question you would think, since the group's name features such equitable words as 'democracy' and 'forum'. A cross party body perhaps? Sadly though, the Gazette reporter failed to provide an answer to this question. But we were told why they were set up:
"The forum was set up to promote Mr Khan's case, increase the public's knowledge of the missing ballot boxes issue, and to raise money to pay off the legal bill."
Given that the two names featured in the piece, Ahmed Khan and Steve Cairns, are affiliated with the Alliance awkward squad, the more objective spectator of local politics would be forgiven for thinking that it's little more than a front group for the Alliance.

I've got no problem with a genuinely democratic group which monitors, reports and takes action on local democracy issues in a non-partisan manner - including raising money for legal actions. But when it comes to protecting democracy, it should be above the mire of party politics and cheap point scoring.

If it is just a cynical Alliance machine then it's an insult to true democracy and just cheap spin hiding behind a noble name.

But hey, if it gets you extra column inches in the paper - good luck with it.

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