Thursday, March 20, 2008

Five years ago

March 20th 2003. That's when the UK and the USA rolled into Iraq, starting a war built upon lies.

A Labour war enthusiastically supported by the Conservatives. 175 British troops lost and possibly over a million Iraqis. That's blood on the hands of the Labour and Conservative parties.

Blair has walked away from it smiling and into million dollar jobs. Bush is likely to do the same. Both used God as the basis of their convictions. Both should be facing convictions in front of a war crimes tribunal. Neither should see the light of day again.

However, I keep coming back to the same thought - that people keep voting Labour and Conservative despite this terrible war. Is our nation's ethical spirit lost? I keep thinking that from councillors to MPs they will still get the votes without a thought for the lives lost in this disastrous conflict. And it chills me.

If there is one reason not to vote for these two parties of the ethically vacant, Iraq is it.

respect to punkscience.

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punkscience said...


Wicked support on the REN front, bro. What's the betting our friend dodges your goldilocks bullet and tries a another assassination job on wind power. An appropriate quote springs to mind:

"No rational argument will have a rational effect on a man who does not want to adopt a rational attitude."
-- Sir Karl Popper