Friday, March 14, 2008

Straw man's straw man

In what looks like a shot over the bows in the election battle for Fellgate & Hedworth, the independents who are part of the Independent Alliance grouping are attempting to derail other candidates planning to stand in the ward as independents in the coming election by implying they will be puppets of Labour councillor Paul Waggott.

Their Winter 07/08 campaign leaflet says:

"IT’S EMERGED that the last remaining Labour Councillor, Paul Waggott in a last ditch attempt to cling onto his seat may be behind a plot to stand another ‘independent’ in May’s local Elections, which clearly stinks of desperation.

Remember the one and only true INDEPENDENT candidate for Hedworth, Fellgate & Calf Close endorsed by current Independent Councillors Steve Harrison and George Waddle is GERALDINE WHITE."

This means that any independent other than the candidate 'endorsed' by Waddle and Harrison has effectively been smeared as a Labour straw man before the nomination papers are even signed. This is without even considering the sheer arrogance of the Waddle and Harrison politburo in assuming the role of arbiters of who is or isn't 'independent'.

Without any evidence, these claims are pure dirty tricks spin.

This 'clearly stinks' of cynical electioneering and makes them no better than the Labour party they supposedly despise.


Curly said...

Have you sought appropriate permission to make such an independent judgement?

Bryan said...

I’ve got a lot of time for Steve Harrison; he’s always struck me as a pretty decent bloke who I’d quite happily have a pint or two with. What really surprises me though is his backing for Geraldine White as the Indy candidate. Steve got elected as a direct result of the anti-Labour backlash over the Greenbelt industrial estate scheme.
It doesn’t take a huge amount of digging to discover that Geraldine White was a member of the Labour council that fully supported the Greenfield industrial development when it was first mooted in the old RPG.

rossinisbird said...

Hi Curly,

Judging by the unhinged response on the Alliance blog, obviously not!

curly15 said...

It's all policy driven, nothing personal.