Sunday, March 16, 2008

Six degrees

This is a trailer for the National Geographic documentary Six Degrees Could Change the World, based upon Mark Lynas' 2007 book Six Degrees. The show aired back in February on National Geographic and hopefully it will be re-aired. Whilst it (and the book) is based upon model-based predictions, it's sobering stuff, and timely given the EU's concerns over mass immigration driven by climate change. It breaks down the changes we face for each degree of planetary heating from 2 degrees to 6 degrees.

The IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report raised the worst case scenario for projected warming by 2100 from 5.8 degrees to 6 degrees - unless we do something to significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we pump out.

Two Degrees is the limit we should try to stay under. Over that, the likelihood of serious negative impacts increases.

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