Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flight Club

The First rule of Flight Club is: Aviation doesn't pull it's weight in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Second rule of Flight Club is: Aviation doesn't pull it's weight in the fight to reduce CO2 emissions.

Those are the rules according to the Miliband brothers.

Mili the Younger
Where I disagree with other people on aviation is if you did 80% cuts across the board, as some people have called for on aviation, you would go back to 1974 levels of flying. I don't want to have a situation where only rich people can afford to fly.
Mili the Elder
if we're going to fly more we've got to do much less of something else. Because what counts in the end is not whether emissions come from cars or homes or aeroplanes - what counts is that our carbon emissions are reduced.
So, what sector do the bros want to cut so folk can fly to Prague for a piss up and a shag? Health? Keeping houses warm?

Apparently, according to these guys flying is some kind of grand egalatarian right and deserves the state's protection. Most flights are populated by the well off or used to fly in kumquats (they are a fruit BNP readers), whilst being subsidised by everyone else through aviation's fuel tax breaks, money export and job losses abroad, not to mention the unaccounted externalities of climate change.

Protecting aviation is not about saving flights for the poor, it's about lining in the pockets of people like Willie Walsh and Michael O'Leary, whilst the poor around the world will be the first and worst hit by the unstable climate ushered in by short sighted policies like the ones the Milibands support.


fuckmohammed said...

man made global warming from Co2 emmissions ??

the ozone layer depleting because of pollution ???

what a load of shit...

if the ozone layer is "thinning" (as opposed to an actual hole) because of pollution/Co2 then it stands to reason that for pollution to destroy the ozone layer then the ozone layer must be holding the pollution in our own atmosphere...

so i have to ask, if this is true, then considering that the earth is billions of years old, how is it that "IF" pollution cannot escape
then why is our whole atmosphere not just one gigantic cloud of polluted gases ?

afterall smoke and Co2 gathered by volcanoes and bushfires over billions of years if trapped by the ozone layer would undoubtedly make earth uninhabitable for oxygen breathing life forms...

but here we are, alive and breathing with an abundance of different species on our planet, our very own existence proves that the ozone layer does NOT trap greenhouse gasses, therefore Co2 emmissions are not trapped by the ozone layer, but continues upwards and dissipates into space...

the earth cleans itself...

this global warming bullshit is just a scam, its no different to the bullshit oil depletion scam of the 1970's...

some arsehole yells the sky is falling, and all the dickheads in the world crawl out from under their rocks running around like chicken little screaming doom and death scaring the crap out of gullible brainless fools like the greenies, wake up to yourselves, even chicken little was awake to the scam in his story it, and a greenies brain is suppose to be bigger than a chickens, or is it ?

rossinisbird said...

I'll simply refer you to the most authoritative repository of the science of climte change: the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

This work represents the current position on climate science, and to date no credible peer-reviewed research has been produced offering an alternative description of why the planet is warming.

Additionally, there's a useful faq on ozone layer science at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

fuckmohammed said...

look rossi, i also believe in global warming, but i see no proof given by any scientist who claims that global warming is man made, these shiny arse wankers in white coats can do all the tests they like, but until they actually prove that global warming is not a natural occurence, then they should shut the fuck up, but in the meantime we have arsehole alarmists in governments all over the world thinking up new ways to rip off money from taxpayers, all in order to lessen Co2 levels, its just a fucking scam.