Monday, July 20, 2009

Suffer little children

Sts Peter & Paul
St Aloysius
St Bedes
St Gregorys
St James
St Joseph's
St Mary's
St Matthews
St Oswalds
St Wilfrids

These are all schools in South Tyneside. These schools have a relationship with a corrupt foreign regime that meddles in the politics of states around the world. A regime with blood on it's hands. A regime that covers up child abuse in it's ranks.

Whilst we worry over the kids being sent off to Islamic madrassas in the Middle East and Pakistan, here at home we have schools aligned with a religion for which hate is hidden behind words like love and forgiveness and comforting phrases like 'gospel values'.

Hyberbolic? Perhaps. But this story of a 9 year-old Brazilian girl who became pregnant after being raped by her stepfather, and the response of the Roman Catholic Church is a sickening indictment of a religious authority which puts it's warped bronze age morality before humanity.

Punishing the people who saved this little girl's life with excommunication is pretty cold and heartless. To most of us, being excommunicated is no big deal. But if you believe in such shit, it's serious juju. Eternal torture in the fiery bowels of hell. How's that for a loving, forgiving deity?

The Roman Catholic Church defended it's inhumane decision as a 'doctrine of faith'. Well that's alright then.

Apart from allowing their children to be subject to the indoctrination of a hateful ideology, I wonder how many parents who send their children to these Roman Catholic schools know of this example of what the church which they trust to guide their childrens' religious schooling really thinks about children.

How many would really care?

How do they feel that a policy made by old men in dresses comes before the care of a child?

Word to The Well-Timed Period.

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fuckmohammed said...

agreed, the catholic church is evil, its as bad as islam, probably worse, my advice to catholics, read your bibles, no where does it say that god is a catholic, in fact every thing they preach is contrary to the word of god, when you consider that the catholic church is responsible for 500 MILLION murders throughout history, and how they try to protect peadophile priests in our day and age, its pretty safe to say that the catholic church is an abomination, forget witchcraft and satanic cults, beware of the catholic church.