Friday, July 03, 2009

Science not admissable in court

Facts are refused to be given in evidence and justice comes second to law. If any evidence was needed that the juduciary has become beholden to the string pullers of the status quo, it was in the case of the trial of the 'Drax 29 ' climate change protestors.

Like 'Justice' Eady's creative re-definition of the word 'bogus' to stack the deck in the bogus libel case against Simon Singh, 'Justice' Spencer similarly fixed the outcome of the case against the Drax train protestors by rejecting evidence about global warming as 'irrelevant', a key part of the defence. Spencer didn't make a legal ruling, he made a political decision, on behalf of a corrupt and dishonest government in thrall to a greedy power generator.

The filth beat 'em up, the beaks lock 'em up.

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